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Saying Good-Bye To Kaitoke

I'm starting my new life as a Lady in a van. It's exciting and bewildering all at the same time. Around me is organized chaos, waiting to be sorted and packed into the last boxes. I moved many times in the past, from Germany to Switzerland, to Germany, then to Holland, and finally, thirty-five years ago to New Zealand. But this time it's the first time I'm doing it on my own... EEK. Nobody around I can blame for things I can't find.

Saying goodbye to Kaitoke - where they had the Elf-village in Lord Of The Rings - is just another trial run for my life in a van. I realize it's not as easy as it looked. A lot of thinking and

preparing has to go into being comfortable. Like loading all one's toys: laptop, phone, kindle, re-markable, and several power banks.

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