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…Trust him, the wind whispered…
Thea Cameron is used to cooking up a storm in her café Cinnamon but her husband’s accidental death creates a storm she’s not prepared for. Dealing with thugs, hidden money, jewels, and illegitimate daughters is the stuff of movies and doesn’t happen to ordinary people. Right? She sure isn’t amused about the cocky PI who thinks she needs his help. Trusting him? Not in a million years.

But widower Mark Cheltham isn’t scared away by a stroppy cafè owner. As an ex-police officer he knows, Thea needs his help. As a man who is still in love with his late wife, he finds himself on a slippery slope. When bullets fly, the hunt for the truth turns dangerous… even nature throws the unlikely team a curveball and Mark has to make a difficult decision.

THE GOLDEN GIRLS SERIES is about Anna, A Tuscan Affair, Thea, A Case For Love, Claudia, Daring To Love, and Christine, Tides Of Love, as their settled lives suddenly spin out of control. Rather than preparing for their retirement, these Fifty-Somethings refuse to sit back and grow old quietly even if that means they might lose their hearts… all over again.

In each book of the series, one of the friends faces her challenges and shows she is far from being done yet and the men who cross their paths better look out!

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