The NEW Golden Girls

I finally have the new covers for my gorgeous friends Anna, Thea, Claudia, and Christine and they are re-edited as well. I’m quite excited about the new feel the books have. I think the covers reflect now more the story of the books.

If you haven’t read them yet…

The Golden Girls Romantic Series of Contemporary Women’s Fiction is about four friends who live in Auckland. All have successful, professional careers, family, and share their thirst for living as they are about to approach the golden sixties.

Anna, Book # 1 (A Tuscan Affair),

Thea, Book # 2 (A Case For Love),  

Claudia, Book # 3 (Daring to Love)

and Christine, Book # 4 (Tides of Love) have each a book to their name.

We join them in their search for happiness and meaning as they battle life’s obstacles, face the challenges of new relationships, and overcome legacies of their past.