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Book # 4 of the Settler's Ridge Series - A romantic novel with a dash of suspense

Can Love Find A Way?

Haunted by her past, Nurse Stephanie has given up on ever having a family. Instead, watching her father being destroyed by alcohol, she dreams of building a rehabilitation center in Settler’s Ridge. All comes crashing down when her father almost kills an influential millionaire. To keep him out of prison, she reluctantly agrees to marry and care for the victim.

Architect Sean had the best part of his life ahead of him when an accident cost him his legs. What’s a man worth without his legs? All he thinks of is giving up and taking revenge. Someone has to pay; someone has to be punished. The nurse with the crazy idea that he’ll walk again one day is the ideal person for his plans. But nothing goes to plan. 

Ripped out of his millionaire lifestyle, he finds himself engulfed in everyday village life. As love grows between Stephanie and Sean and he’s designing chicken coups instead of award-winning buildings, he gets to see a different side of life. And he likes what he sees. Though things become dangerous when the accident turns out to be sabotage, and his father demands a sacrifice for the family company.  

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