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Book # 2 of the Settler's Ridge Series

Sometimes money brings out the worst in people and gets in the way of true love

Just when Emily’s life cruises pleasantly along, the man she has secretly loved since childhood returns to Settler’s Ridge… with an exotic, beautiful fiancée in tow. Not prone to high drama, she tucks her aching heart nicely away from prying eyes, puts on her big girl pants, and plays the caring, reliable pal everyone knows her as. 

When Miles answers his parent’s call to come home, he’s curious, given he’d left for the United States after a big row with his father. He had a short visit, checking what his parents want from him, and introducing his bride to them in mind. However, things turned out to be a totally different kettle of fish. He has to help, but when his life falls apart around him, Emily’s coming to the rescue… even if it almost costs her her life.

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