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TIDES OF LOVE        (BOOK #4)

When Trouble Visits Paradise

Thirteen years ago Christine Barnard’s husband’s plane went missing over the Pacific. Unwilling to accept he’s dead, she’s been searching the Pacific islands looking for him. Her vacation on the tropical island resort of Vanu Eleile is supposed to be her last attempt at finding Stefan. Why then was running into the irritating manager of the resort so unsettling? 

Jason Stone knows a thing or two about loss and pain. For him being stranded on the remote Pacific island is his opportunity for a shot at redemption. So he puts all his effort into helping the islanders. He even undertakes the tiring walk across the island to help Christine following a lead that could point toward what happened to Stefan. 

But when the drums call, life will never be the same. The erupting volcano is the least of her problems.

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