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Book # 3 of the Settler's Ridges Series - A romantic novel with a dash of suspense

When staying out of prison is not enough…

On the run from the police and her family for a crime she didn’t commit, Keysha is changing her identity and hiding in the remote mountain village of Settler’s Ridge. With her enemies and a zealous journalist hot on her trail, rescue helicopter pilot Tyrell thinks he’s the right person to look after her when she has an accident. He shelters her in his mountain hut and from compassion and understanding the beginning of love blossoms. 

Emboldened by Tyrell’s admiration and a growing circle of friends, Keysha decides to turn the table on her Family, clear her name, and get justice. However, despite her best efforts, her enemies close in from all sides, and all too soon her life hangs by a thread. Will Tyrell be in time to rescue her or is the ocean destined to become her wet grave?

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