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How I Got Here


I’m a retired psychotherapist, full-time writer, and closet-gypsy. Born on a small fishing island close to Hamburg, Germany and after detours over Switzerland and The Netherlands, I followed my husband to New Zealand. It has been our home for the last 30 years.

I always wanted to travel to all the countries I haven’t seen yet when I retire. What do they say about making plans and then life happens? Since my retirement I combine my passion for writing with my passion for travel and adventures by writing contemporary women’s fiction with a dash of adventure, a sprinkling of romance, and second chances at finding love if that’s where her heroines are headed. A small way to do the travels, even if it’s just in my mind.

They say, write about what you know. So, this is what I do in my hundred-year-old cottage in windy Wellington, with Steffie, the rescue dog, at my feet. Armed with a box of chocolates, a laptop, a cup of Earl Grey or the occasional glass of Merlot, I’m enjoying letting the characters in my books overcome (dangerous) obstacles before they find their well deserved and hopefully Happy End.

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