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Welcome To Paradise

It has been a month now that I live in my camper. I'm getting used to the nomad life. I’ve learned a few unexpected lessons. It’s not all gorgeous, sunny, open spaces and deserted country roads. Yes, there are heaps of that. But there’s also tedious looking for places to dump your wastewater, find cheap diesel (which is near impossible), and make sure the LPG bottle doesn’t run out… because that means no hot coffee in the morning.

Moving about the camper is becoming easier. During the first days, I banged my head everywhere. These overhead lockers, although not very large, always seem to show up where my head wants to go. But I’m getting used to living in 14m2 (150 square feet) that comprises a driver’s cabin, bathroom, kitchen, lounge, and bedroom. I’m down to one head-bang a week now. It’s surprising how little one really needs. Space, I mean.

I try to camp as often as possible in places where I can access power and a decent shower. There’s a shower in my camper, but 't't hththey designiit's it's designed for contortionists. Not for people of my size. Although, I’m losing weight. It’s just not that easy anymore to pop over to the corner shop and get a bag of snacks. Who knew that there’s life without chocolate and ice cream?

My highlight so far? A 5 day stay in Miranda/Waikato. They have these fantastic thermal hot pools, great facilities, and a fish‘n chips guy driving up in the evening. That’s as close to paradise as I can imagine.

Before I go, I started writing again. It might become a new series. I’m not quite sure yet. At least, I feel comfortable enough in my new surroundings to let my mind wander. I thought I had lost it all in the selling house and moving … too many goodbyes. Gosh, the last twelve months were a shocker. Let’s hope it’s onwards and upwards from here.

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