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Nominate A Book To Win An Amazon Gift Card

Something is playing on my mind, and I wonder whether people agree with me.

We need a new, gripping Valentine's Movie!

I've spent the last months reading heaps of sweet and not so sweet romance novels and watched anything on TV that promised romance and a little bit of excitement on the side. From Pretty Women to Notting Hill, From Message In A Bottle to Music and Lyrics (I admit, I'm a Hugh Grant fan), and from Two Weeks Notice to Sleeping With The Enemy. I've seen all those movies multiple times over the years. A reader wrote to me that she'd seen Notting Hill at least ten times. Yip, I can relate to that.

Isn't it time for a new, romantic hit movie

that warms our hearts and keeps us

watching until the credits come up?

I'd love to hear what you think, so I came up with a game. Please, reply in the comment section which romantic novel you've read over the last--let's say year--you think movie producers should turn into a romantic movie. (Any novel from any writer!)

Every entrance is in the draw for a $10 Amazon Gift Card.

(Last day to enter this prize draw is 27 February 2021) I'll publish the result in my next newsletter. One disclaimer: I don't have the power or the connections to the film industry to influence them which movie they'll bring out, but it would be great to hear from my reader which book has captured your passion.

Have a heart-warming February and lots of love

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