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Grab a Bargain in Ghosttober

It's about to get crazy. You'd think after the year we had so far, that's a hard act to follow, but fear not, we'll manage.

Of course, first, there is Halloween - not that I personally get all wild about it. In our area, you get away with having a bowl of lollies to make the few kids knocking at the door happy. But that's not all. Then there are our elections. Things in New Zealand are not as nasty as in the States, still, I can't wait for all this kafuffle to stop. Then there are two precious youngsters and a son with birthdays coming up.

I'm not finished yet. A writer's retreat weekend and ... tataa, the Ngaio award nomination for the best New Zealand Crime novel for 2020 at the end of October. You never know, I'm among the six finalists, perhaps I manage to get to be among the best three?

To celebrate this crazy month I have some free-books days planned. The first one will take place from 30th September until 3rd of October. Go and get your copy HERE

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