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Why Women Read

It's getting colder in the Southern Hemisphere. Just the right time to fill up my nightstand stack of books to read. - Although, that's not quite true. I don't need winter to come along to start reading more. Rain or shine, it doesn't make a difference for me.

I saw a blog post the other day that said women read more than men. Lots more. Some they the ratio is 1:5. And men read more non-fiction than fiction. There are lots of reasons why women read, but they can be summarized as:

Women read because they’ve figured out that books are an invisible thread connecting us all—not just women, but the human race. Women read because reading allows them to bond, to connect. To someone else, to a dream, to ourselves. (except from: Why Women Read (

My reasons for reading have changed over the years. I remember the phase of self-improvement when I read everything from How to lose weight to How to organize your pantry., That was followed by psychology books, and books that had elements of history. I love learning about new things.

Among all that I never lost my passion for Fairy Tales, Love Stories, and Thrillers. No wonder all my books combine elements of romance and crime.

I'd love to hear what's your reason is for reading. Just leave a comment here!

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