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Spring: New Book Coming Soon

Spring is ever so softly knocking at your door (I hope) and the nasty cold winter storms are behind you. Isn't that a good time to plan your next travel to some exotic, warm places with white sands and balmy turquoise seas? Sitting under a straw-thatched umbrella enjoying a crisp glass of wine to go with the Mahi Mahi you ordered for lunch?

I work up an appetite for such travels by reading about those sensational places and have my eyes set on the Cook Islands ... once we are cleared to fly there.

The new Settler's Ridge Series is coming along nicely. Book #2 is on preorder now. If you love small towns, an abundance of nature, and down-to-earth characters who try to do the right thing even though they carry their share of hardship and heartache, this series might be just right for you. I placed Settler's Ridge right in the middle of the Whanganui National Park, a deeply spiritual and meaningful area of New Zealand, rich in history and stunning beauty. I hope you like it.

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