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Award winning Books?

I'm over the moon. THE GIRL FROM THE TREE HOUSE has been long-listed for The Ngaio Marsh Award. It's a New Zealand award for excellence in crime/suspense writing. I didn't know about this award. I see myself more as a romance/contemporary fiction writer. But the Tree House series is about horrendous, widespread crime. I should know. After all, I worked for twenty-five years with the victims of sexual abuse.

So, someone picked up my book and thought it had to go on the list. That in itself is really exciting. To be asked to submit my book was a big deal. I don't expect to win. I only won once the first price in a raffle. There's a German saying that translates into "You have either luck in love or luck in gambling." I must be very lucky in the love-department, because I'm a no-show when it comes to winning something. However, metaphorically, In my mind, I already won.

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