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A New Story And An Old Love

I used to own a small rail-way worker’s cottage in Taumarunui, a small town right in the middle of the North Island of New Zealand. For ten years, we spend weekends, summer weeks, and ski holidays there. It wasn’t anything flash – and neither is Taumarunui. But somehow, it found its way into my heart.

Was it the stunning area around the Whanganui river? Or the close-by hills and mountains of the Central Plateau? Or Taumarunui's Main Street with its small shops and eateries and its nod to the good old times where $1 got you enough icecream to cause stomach upset? Altogether, it’s the lovely memories we created there. There isn’t a day I don’t regret that we sold the place.

That brings me to the new romantic suspense series I started. THE BROKEN HEART, Book #1 of the Settler’s Ridge Series, will be released on 5 January 2021. Friends of my Golden Girls Series will be pleased that familiar faces show up in this series as well!

When I created Settler’s Ridge, I had Taumarunui in mind, and my late afternoons sitting on the porch, sipping a GT and listening to the river rushing from the mountain straight past my house and down to the sea.

Ashley O’Neil catches Daniel, her partner of ten years, with another—younger—woman, and seeks refuge in Settler’s Ridge for her broken heart. We get a glimpse into the world of Settler’s Ridge and its gorgeous people. I wanted to explore what happens when trust and loyalty in a previously good relationship are breaking down. How do people act, how do they resolve their issues … if they try at all? My couple Ashley and Daniel, are on a journey of reflection and self-awareness. At the same time, they have to deal with vicious attacks from an enemy who’s always a step ahead of them.

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